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* Protect your most Valuable Assets - Your Brand and your Designs: IP Protection, Enforcement and Safeguards in Europe and the Far East This conference is meant to give practical information on the current situation of brand and design protection in the sporting goods industry. Three main issues will be examined: Firstly, the tools and instruments for the protection of intellectual property rights within the European Union, including the new Community Designs Regulation, and the OHIM (Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market). The second part will focus on intellectual property rights protection and enforcement in the Far East, including China, where the problem of counterfeit and piracy is seriously affecting the sporting goods industry. Finally, the conference will address the latest anti-counterfeit security and brand authentication technologies. Organiser: FESI (the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry) with the FEDAS (Federation of the European Sporting Goods Retailers) and the WFSGI (World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry). Venue: Munich, Date: August 3, Information: Fax: (+32) 2/ 771 87 4* The future of the Services of General Interest The objective of this Summer Conference is to develop a trans-national debate, taking into account the diversity of national histories, cultures and organisations in order to contribute to forging a European doctrine and allowing the European Union to respond better to the needs of its citizens. Several hundred European actors will meet to debate a series of contributions from directors of enterprises, representatives of the European institutions and from civil society and academics, all at a relaxed working pace and complemented with cultural activities. Organiser: CEEP, European association representing service enterprises and organisations of general interest, Venue: Coimbra (Portugal), Date: August 26 - 28, Information: Fax: (+32) 2/ 218.12.13, E-mail:*Technology enabled learning network holds discussion forumPROMETEUS, a European network dedicated to identifying and dissemination knowledge and best practice in the field of technology enabled learning, will be holding a discussion forum in Paris on September 29-30, 2002. Established four years ago with the support of the European Commission, PROMETEUS now has 450 members in 31 countries. The discussion forum will see an exchange of views on how technology can support and improve lifelong learning and...

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