* CEA researches in the European AreaAt a seminar to be staged on September 10 in Brussels (Residence Palace, rue de la Loi, 155), in the presence of European Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin, the French atomic energy agency (CEA) will be making a presentation of all the research work it is involved in a range of fields, such as energy, information technology and health: nuclear power generation programmes, micro- and nanotechnologies, astrophysics, new sources of energy, virtual reality, medical imaging, biotechnology, etc. The CEA's aim is to share its ideas for the future and contribute to the European Research Area.Information: CEA, 31-33 rue de la federation, F-75752 Paris cedex 15, France - Tel: (+33)(0)1 40561000* 16th Plenipotentiary Conference - International Telecommunication UnionHeld every four years, this ITU Plenipotentiary Conference will be staged in Marrakesh, Morocco, from September 23 to October 18. ITU boasts 189 Member States along with more than 669 Sector Members and 56 Associate Members who, represent the major players from all sectors of the telecommunication industry. More than 1200 delegates are expected to attend the Conference.The 16th Plenipotentiary Conference will be held at a time of unprecedented change within the telecommunications industry. In dramatic contrast to the buoyant climate four years ago when it last convened; telecommunication manufacturers, operators, software developers and service providers must deal with harsh new realities governing a sector that has undergone a rapid and profound transformation. As today's industry moves forward in a climate of uncertainty, the case for reform of ITU's regulations, working methods and structures takes on added importance.The conference will be taking decisions on a number of issues, including: - Strengthening the role of the private sector and of regulators in the work of the ITU.- Balancing the ITU budget.- Establishing faster processes for approving global telecommunication standards.- Introduction of fees to cover the cost of processing Satellite applications, as well as time limits on planned satellites, which would see the orbital position and spectrum allocation for satellites that fail to launch within five years reallocated to other users.- The implications of convergence in telecommunications and the impact of the Internet.- Strengthening ITU's regional presence. - The World Summit on the Information Society to be convened under the...

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