Conference on the delivery of e-health

A conference on the delivery of eHealth across Europe is to be held in Bruges, Belgium, on November 28-29, 2002. The event, organised by the European health telematics association, EHTEL, will address the slow implementation of eHealth in many European countries. In many cases the lack of success of these information and communication technologies is linked to the lack of an appropriate policy framework able to recognise them as a form of practicing medicine. With its annual conference, EHTEL wants to provide a neutral forum where European healthcare actors can express their vision of what framework conditions will be required to support the implementation and use of eHealth across Europe..

For further information, consult the following Web address:; or contact: tel.: +32 2 230 9650; e-mail:

Making contacts or arranging meetings online prior to the FP6 launch event

The European Commission has launched a web service to enable those attending the launch of the Sixth Framework programme (FP6) in Brussels on November 11 to establish contacts, register interests and arrange meetings before arriving. The FP6 will be officially launched at a conference in Brussels from November 11 to 13. In addition the traditional presentation of the programme, the event will also serve as a forum for all research stakeholders.

With only two months to go until to launch event, over 2000 people have already registered. While most of those registered will come from EU Member States, others will come from countries as diverse as the United States and Albania. Some 20 per cent of registrations have come from EU candidate countries, with Poland fifth in the overall league table. So far, the highest number of registrations has come from the UK, with nearly 300, followed by...

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