* Informal meeting of Telecommunications and Information Society MinistersAn informal meeting of the Telecommunications and Information Society Ministers of the EU Member States will take place in Vitoria, Spain on February 21-23, 2002. Several experts in information technology and in knowledge economics will be present.* Information Society event in Czech RepublicAn event aimed at helping central and eastern European countries to build partnerships that will lead to the creation of an information society will take place in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic on March 25-26, 2002. This fifth ISSS conference, called "Internet, public authorities and self-governance", will host representatives of the European Commission's DG Information Society, who will explain in what way the Sixth Framework Programme will help people working in this area. The conference aims to bring together eastern and central European countries in order to involve them in an international co-operation for the Information Society. Furthermore, the conference will provide the opportunity to introduce the ELANET, Telecities and ERISS information society networks and to present the information collected in the course of four national studies on electronic services at local and regional level. A fair will take place on the conference's fringe.For more information:; or e-mail:* The role of the Internet in local administrationsThe 2002 EISCO conference on Internet Portals and the Reengineering of Local and Regional Governments in Europe will take place in Cagliari (Italy) on May 27-29, 2002. The event is organised by the Elanet network under the sponsorship of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and of the European Commission's...

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