Consumer situation in the market

AuthorPinkel, Tobias
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Germ any
11. Consum er situation in th e mar ket
11.1 Consum er right s
Ta ble 26: Co nsu me r r igh ts
Ar e t he re specif ic con sum er ri ght s in
th e con text of re al est ate
tr an sact ion s an d r eside ntia l
ten ancie s in yo ur cou ntr y?
I n pa rticular : a re r esid ent ial te na nts
tre at ed as consum e r s?
Wit h r espect to buy ers
In general, no special consu mer con tra ct law applies. The inv olvem ent of a
publi c not ary incl udin g the dut y t o give legal adv ice is su pposed to off er t he
main pr otect ion. Only in r are si tuat ions such as selling of flat s in “door step
sit uations, consum er law w ould be ap plicabl e.
If a real esta te age nt is inv olved, th e con sum er bu yer and t he r eal esta te
agent consum er law app ly, in par ticu lar th e con trol of standard t erm s
accor ding to section s 30 5 et seq. Germ an Civ il Code ( BGB). Accor ding to
th ese p rov ision s, cl auses int erpret ed as un fair or sur pri sing clauses by th e
cou rt are forbidd en.
Conc erni ng th e est ablish men t of the n otar ial deed, which is n ecessar y f or th e
valid ity of th e contr act of sales an d for t he co nvey ancin g deed, sect ion 17 l it.
2a Nota risat ion Act ( Beur kG) cont ains a special pr ovision if t he bu yer is a
con sum er. The nota ry is r equi red to pr ovide the draft of th e deed ah ead of
ti me so th at th e con sumer has t im e to examine it. Regular ly, t he d raft must
be available 14 d ays befor e not arisa tion. However , if it is in the obj ecti ve
intere st o f al l pa rti es in volv ed, t his period can b e sho rte r. However, th e
par ties cannot wai ve t his per iod by m ut ual agr eement .7 0
Wit h r espect to selle rs
In general, no special consu mer con tra ct law applies.
Conc erni ng rea l est ate a gent s an d not arial deeds t he same app lies as for the
Wit h r espect to ten ants
In respect of th e ren t o f resid enti al dwel lings, sections 549 et seq., th e
German Civil Code ( BGB) int roduce an elevat ed l evel of tena nt prot ect ion. In
th is con tex t, the tenant is t ypically a con sumer. How ever , th is is not legally
70 Cf . BGH judg emen t of 07 Feb ru ar y 2013 , BGHZ 1 96, 166-1 79 .

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