Convention Chronology

AuthorCoghlan, Niall; Steiert, Marc
Convention Chronology
A quick guide to the Chronology of the Convention
The following chronology provides the reader with an overview on the Convention
as a process that led to the adoption of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the
European Union. It seeks to chronologically distinguish the various steps in the drafting
process and, most importantly, to link the debates in the Convention to the different
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documents contained in this collection into their context. The chronology further helps
trace the decision-making on the content of the Charter as a process that emerged
through the Convention’s plenary itself, but also through the meetings of the various
To help the reader gain a quick grasp of the essential documents, three shorter
chronologies are also provided focused exclusively on the drafts, Convention and
Praesidium meetings. They follow the same format as the main chronology, outlined
here below.
To ease the reading of the chronology, the following will provide a short guide:
Praesidium meeting (Brackets: other events):
This column provides an overview of the dates of the meetings of the
Praesidium. Many drafts evolved after these meetings as the Praesidium
decided upon the drafts. If the date is in (brackets), it indicates another
important event on the Charter’s drafting, such as for instance the European
Parliament’s Resolution on the Charter of 16 March 2000.
Further, Praesidium meetings are emphasised by an orange background of
the relevant row.
Full Convention meeting (‘Convention’):
This column indicates the dates of the meetings of the Convention. The
column indicates whether the Convention was to meet as ‘plenary’ or as
‘Working Group (WG)’. Slight procedural differences among these working
arrangements exist (e.g. on the right to speak of alternates), however, the
Convention always met with all (available) delegates present.
Further, Convention meetings are emphasised by a blue background of
the row.

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