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AuthorSabatauskait?, Birut?
In May 2017 an Action Plan for the Promotion of Non-discrimination 2017-2019 was
adopted by the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.351 It replac ed the previous version
of the Action Plan fo r the Promotion o f Non-discrimination for 2015-2020, which was
approved by the Government, but which was formally discontinued at the end of 2016.352
The cancellation of non-discrimination programmes prior to their d ates of implementation
is not an unusual practice and has happened in the past. This time, however, the action
plan was taken from Government l evel to the level of the Ministry of Social Security and
Labour. Moreover, previous plans would be allocated a certain budget (or planned
budget), while the cu rrent plan envisages the implementation of all the measu res
outlined using the regular resour ces of the institutions involved and potential EU
structural funding.
However, the acti on plan has been largely criti cised by non -governmental organisat ions,
international institutions and different groups affected by discrimination. Its shortcomings
have even been recognised by representatives of the coordinating Ministry of Social
Affairs and Labour, which described it as more or less a plan made u p of activities that
are usually carried out by institutions, but without any strategic approach.353
The Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson, who has a significant role in the plan, express ed
doubt about its efficiency, given that no additional funding was allocated for its a ctivities
in the framework of the plan in 2017.354 However, underfunding has b een a fairly regula r
practice in the past. The previous action plan in 2016 was given only 35 % of its ori ginal
budget, according to rough estimates. The p revious version of the plan, the Inter-
institutional Action Plan for the Pr omotion of Non-discrimination 2012-2014,355 was not
implemented in full in 2014 it rec eived EUR 51 627 (or 44.3 % of the initially planned
funding), and in 2013 it received 59 % of its initial budget, which was, however, an
improvement on the position in 2012, when the figure was only 35 %. In this respect,
2015 was an ex ception (97 % of the funding was actually allocated), although the total
budget for anti-discrimination measures that year wa s only EUR 192 000.
The Ministry of Social Security and Labour is the coordinating institution, while the Equal
Opportunities Ombudsperson, the Department of National Minorities under the
Government and the Department of A ffairs of the Disabled under the Ministry of Social
Security and Labour a re the main institutions involved in the implementation of the plan.
The current version of the Action Plan for the Promotion of Non-discrimination 2017-2020
sets out improvements to legislation, awarenes s raising and education, research and the
strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation as key areas of activity.
The Equal Opportunities Ombudsp erson implements many of the activities set out in the
plan. They include meas ures such as amending legislation, awaren ess raising a nd
education, research, th e strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation and non-
discrimination in the labour market as key areas of activity.
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