Coordination at national level

AuthorTheodoridis, Athanasios
Articles 15 and 16 of Equal Treatment Law 4443/2016 regulate the coordination of anti-
discrimination issues on a national level.
As regards services for the monitoring and promotion of equal treatment, the General
Secretariat for Transparency and Human Rights of the Ministry of J ustice, within the
framework of its j urisdiction on the protection of human rights and the combating of all
forms of discrimination, is to provide for the promotion of equal treatment. Monitoring and
promotion of equal treatment has yet to be carried out by the aforementioned body and
there is no available information regarding this. The Social Protection D irectorate of the
Ministry of Labour should, inter alia, monitor the application of anti-discrimination policies
in the field of labour and employment, inform employees and employers on issues related
to discrimination in the field of employment and raise awareness, as well as providing
scientific support to the Labour Inspectorate Body.
Information regarding a National Action Plan on anti-racism or anti-discrimination
In December 2013, the General Secretariat of Transparency and Human Rights of the
Ministry of Justice presented a National Action Plan on Human Rights, which had been
prepared with the assistance of experts from all the relevant ministries and agencies.226
The Action Plan, which is still valid, sets out a binding framework of priorities and actions
for each ministry and provides everyone with opportunities for comments, improvements
and criticism in order to ensure continual improvements. The plan also meets the
requirements of international organisations. With the production of the National Action Plan
on Human Rights, Greece has finally presented a specific schedule of activities and
initiatives for the protection of human rights. The relevant Government officials have set
out more specific commitments and priorities for the implementation of the programme.
Citizens can gain a full picture of the actions that are being or are to be carried out; they
can review the actions and any omissions, and can express their opinions and suggestions
for improvement.
The National Action Plan is mentioned here because it also includes a list of pending policies
for combating racial discrimination:227 the revision of the institutional framework for
granting citizenship; simplifying the legislative framework for immigration; drafting a new
National Plan for the Integration of Immigrants; action to ensure the proper functioning of
the Departments and Bureaus against Racial Violence; systematic recording and processing
of racial violence; updating and issuing circulars to deal with racist incidents; creating
channels of cooperation between the Greek police and other agencies, with special
education programmes for managerial staff on racial matters; and organising educational
seminars for judges and prosecutors. However, the provisions of this general National
Action Plan have been criticised as being abstract.
There is no anti-racism or anti-discrimination national action plan per se. However, the
Economic and Social Council (OKE),228 which is an advisory body based on a tripartite
organisational model, draws up an annual report on developments regarding the
implementation of Equal Treatment Law 4443/2016 (Article 13(2)) within the framework
of its mandate to conduct social dialogue on social policy issues, with special emphasis on
the workplace. In addition, OKE submits proposals to the Government and social partners
on the promotion of the principle of equal treatment and the adoption of anti-discriminatory
measures; encourages dialogue with representative organisations, including relevant
NGOs; and seeks to raise awareness and disseminate information on the applicable
legislation and the measures taken.
226 The National Action Plan on Human Rights.
227 The National Action Plan on Human Rights, pp. 167-178.
228 The official website of OKE is available in English at:

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