PositionCommittee of the Regions - Brief Article

The Committee of the Regions would also like European regions to take =part directly in Council of Ministers' activities within the national =delegations. The CoR wants Council working groups and ad hoc groups, the =Committee of Permanent Representatives and formal Council meetings in =their different guises to be open to regional representatives. It also =urges the Council to draw up a code of good conduct regarding how and =when to consult the Committee. More generally, the CoR declares its =willingness to carry out an "in-depth examination" of its internal =working (the declaration on the role of those regions with legislative =power, detailed in European Report 2629, was also formally adopted =during this meeting) and hopes that a similar process of reflection will =be undertaken with regard to its place and role in the European =institutions, particularly in the context of the 2004 Inter-Governmental =Conference. These demands have clearly come at a key moment, a few weeks =before the European summit at Laeken and just as the CoR prepares to =begin its third five-year mandate (the inaugural meeting of the "new" =Committee of the Regions will take place next February 6 and 7). In any =case, the demands show a strong desire to take part in the debates that =will effect the Committee following Laeken (see European Report 2631, =same section).At the same time, the Committee of the...

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