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Under this heading, the Council adopted a litany of Commission legislative proposals that are covered by the co-decision procedure and, by virtue of the new rules of procedure, have to be open to public scrutiny when they are debated by Ministers. This involves the following Council line-ups:- Finance: draft Regulation to create a system of co-operation between the relevant authorities in the Member States for the protection of the EU's financial interests against illegal activities.- Employment, Social, Health and Consumer Policy: draft Directive concerning quality and safety standards for human tissues.- Competitiveness (Internal Market, Industry and Research): draft Directive amending 72/166, 84/5, 88/357, 90/232 and 2000/26 concerning civil liability in car insurance; draft Directive on the implementation of intellectual property rights; draft Directive on cross-border mergers; draft amendment to Directive 87/102 on converging the Member States regulatory and administrative provisions for consumer credit and amended by Directives 90/88 and 98/7.- Transport, Telecommunications and Energy: Directive on cogeneration: proposals for two Regulations on information and the protection or air passengers.- Agriculture and Fisheries: proposal for a framework Directive on pesticide residues; draft Regulation on official monitoring of the safety of food and animal feed.- Environment: draft Regulation on assessing the environmental risks for genetically-modified plant varieties; draft Directive on chemicals.- Education and culture: draft...

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