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AuthorNaldini, Andrea; Pompili, Marco; Peruccacci, Eleonora
20.1. Sect ion 1 - National r ules for t he evaluation of St ate aid schem es
20.1 .1 . Obligat ion or lack ther eof to evaluat e
Malt a does not hav e any n at ional obligat ions in place to evaluate public policies and
measures, nor does it have an obligat ion to ev aluat e State aid schem es. The only
ex isti ng eval uat ion req uir eme nts are th ose whi ch a re r equ ire d fo r EU fun ds, such as the
European Regional Development Fund/ Cohesions Fund/ Eur opean Social Fun d and the
European Agricultu ral and Rural Dev elopment Fund .
The ev alu at ion req uirement set ou t in t he EU State aid Gu idelines and Fram eworks
adopt ed since 20 12 , applies to aid measures w ith lar ge aid budgets, containing novel
characteristics or when significant market, t echnology or regulatory changes ar e
foreseen. The Gener al Block Exem ption Regulat ion also foresees evaluation of aid
sch eme s in cer ta in area s. This conc ern s lar ge aid sche me s wi th an av erag e a nnu al State
aid bu dget of at least €1 50 million in t he fie lds of regional aid, aid for SMEs and access
to finance, aid for research and development and innovation, energy and env ironment
and aid for broadband inf rast ruct ures.
To dat e, Malta does not have an y State aid schemes in place that ar e subject t o such
ev alua tio n r equ ire me nt as for eseen by t he GB ER a nd oth er rel evan t Sta te aid Gu idelines
an d h ence , t he re is n o o bli gat ion in t his re gar d. How eve r, th e S tat e aid Mo nit or ing Boa rd
( SAMB) car rie s ou t an ex-an te asse ssme nt on each n ew aid sche me and po licy ob jec tiv e
on the basis of pr e-defined criteria, in order to det ermine their compatibility w it h EU
State aid r ules before an y aid is gran ted. Mor eover, no nat ional o bligation s are i n force
to evaluat e St ate aid sch emes in Malt a, out side ESI F and GBER r egulations.
20.1 .2 . Procedures to enforce t he obli gation
No pr ocedures t o enforce the obligat ion to evaluat e are available.
20.2. Sect ion 2 - National aut horit ies r esponsible for th e evaluat ion of State aid
20.2 .1 . Nation al organisat ion for Stat e aid
The na tio nal au th ori ty r espo nsib le f or al l Sta te aid issu es i n Ma lta , th e SAMB , w as lega lly
est ablished in the year 2000, by virtu e of Ar ticles 57 and 58 of the Bu siness Promotion
Act of the Law s of Malta.
As set out in Ar ticle 5 8 of t he Busin ess Promo tion Act, th e SAMB is resp onsible to:
est ablish and u pdat e a com prehen sive St ate aid inv ent ory;
re view an d co ndu ct ex-a nte asse ssme nts on exi stin g a nd new St ate aid sch eme s,
and provide advice about their com patibility w ith the pr incip les contain ed in t he
relat ive present and future acts of t he European Union;
est ablish and im plem en t appropriate r ules of pr ocedure and methodological
systems which lead t o an effect ive Stat e aid m onito ring and repor ting system;
provide ex pert opinions, positions and proposals for the formu lat ion and
im plement ation of Stat e aid policy;
prepare an annual report on State aid in Malta, on the basis of the established
method ology used in the Eur opean Union;

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