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AuthorNaldini, Andrea; Pompili, Marco; Peruccacci, Eleonora
22.1. Sect ion 1 - National r ules for t he evaluation of St ate aid schem es
22.1 .1 . Obligat ion or lack ther eof t o evaluat e
The re i s no do mes tic lega l ob liga tio n t o eval uat e t he effe cts of Stat e aid Sch em es. Ther e
is, however, a general norm apply ing to all drafts of government docum ents209. It is
included in t he r egulations of wor k of t he Council of Min ist er s210. Tw o ty pes of inquiry
are descr ibed: Regulatory Im pact Assessm en t ( ex-ante RIA) and assessment of the
funct ioning of the regulation ( ex-post RI A). Ex-ante RIA is obligatory for all drafts and
it is prepared before the draft is consulted and proceeded by t he Council of Ministers.
It should inclu de:
ind ication of entit ies affected by the reg ulat ion;
inf orm ation about th e consultation before t he draft was p repared;
analyses of the possib ilit ies t o achieve the r egulation goals by ot her means211;
analysis of foreseen impact on: public finan ces, labour market, com petit iveness
of eco nom y an d en trepreneurs.
It is wort h m entioning that since the obligation t o conduct ex-ante RI A is in the
re gul ati ons of wo rk of t he Counc il o f M inis ter s, it ap pli es o nly t o p rop osal s of act s dra ft ed
on Gov ernm en t’s initiative ( 53% of all acts proceeded by t he Parliament of 8t h t erm
[ 20 15 -19] ) .
22.1 .2 . Proced ures t o enfor ce t he o bligation
Procedur e on ex-post RI A includ ed i n t he r egulat ions of wo rk of t he Council of Mi nist ers
app lies to all acts pr oceeded by the Parliam ent ( not just on State aid), but not t o
regulations adopted only by the Coun cil of Ministers, which is a comm on for m of
intr oducing th e St ate aid schem es. The procedu re is not m andato ry. Ex-po st RI A is not
prepared unless: 1) the Council of Ministers requests it, 2) the need to prepar e it was
expressed in t he ex -ante RI A. Addit ionally, members of the Council of Ministers m ay
pr epar e ex -post RIA on their own initiat ive. The scope of ex-po st RI A is not in dicat ed in
the regulat ions of work of the Council of Ministers, but it is presented in standar d form
/ ta ble, which includes sections on : imp act on ent itie s, degr ee of a chiev emen t of goals,
cost and benefit s for public finances, labou r market, fam ilies, competit iveness of
econom y and en trepreneur s.
There ar e no add itio nal procedu res or me asures to en force o r indu ce prepar ation of e x-
post RIA. There seem to be no polit ical pr essure either . Postulates to conduct t he
assessment of the fu nctioning of the Act ex pr essed in the parliam ent ar e very rare.
There are no ot her writ ten and officially known rules or adm inist rative regulations
con cern ing eval uat ion of S tat e aid, as wel l as per spect ive s or dis cussio ns t o change this
sit uation.
209 Bot h d raf ts of reg ulat io ns o f t he Coun cil o f Mi nist er s an d d raf ts of act s t o be pr oceed ed by th e Par liam ent .
210 Uchwała Nr 190 Rady Ministrów z dnia 29 padziernika 2013 r. - Regulam in pr acy Rady Min ist rów .
ht tps://b ip. kprm.go kp r/ bip-rady-minist row / podstaw y-praw ne/ 2516 ,Regulam in-pracy-Rad y-
Ministr ow. ht ml
211 Befo re Ju ne 2 016 t here was also an obli gati on t o p rep are “re gula tor y t est s” a t t he stag e of assu mpt ion s
of the act. The r egulat ory t est was devot ed to th e comparison of alternative solut ions, before the act is
dr afte d. Li fti ng t his obli gati on is consi dere d a signi ficant st ep back in t he pract ice of r egul ator y a ssessme nt
(see: Najwysza Izba Kontroli, Dokonywanie Oceny Wpływu w ramach Rzdowego Procesu Legislacyjnego,
War szawa 201 5)

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