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AuthorNaldini, Andrea; Pompili, Marco; Peruccacci, Eleonora
10.1. Sect ion 1 - National r ules for t he evaluation of St ate aid schem es
10.1 .1 . Obligat ion or lack ther eof to evaluat e
In Spain there is an obligation t o monitor and assess State aid schem es, but not to
carry out impact evaluation s of public policies and State aid, ev en if th is type of
evaluation is becoming a more common pr act ice in recent years, especially for RTDI
and h ealth policy .
The Spanish syst em of State aid contr ol is based on an extended management contr ol
app roach, which requir es financial and ou tput verifications in each granting authority
but does not requ ire the evaluation of the socio-economic impacts of State aid
measures. Consequently, when n ot differen tly specified in the text , the word
evaluationhas t o be intended as monitoring of achieved fin ancial and physical
objectives and not as im pact evalu ation.
In Spain several actors at dif ferent t erritorial lev els ( st at e, regional or local) adv ocate
an d / or p art ici pat e i n e valu at ion pr oces ses, how ev er, t her e “ is no nat ion al com m on lega l
an d a dm ini str at iv e f ram ew or k th at pr om ot es a p ubl ic c ult ur e o f eva lua tio n and im pr ov es
the eff icient dev elopm ent of the evaluation of t he r esults of public policies (Genaro
Moy a and Ló pez Hernández, 2019).
In fact, t he Spanish Gov ernm ent’s prior ities are controlling, supervising and assessing
State aid schemes in order t o avoid dist or tions and safeguard the well-funct ioning of
market s (Callol, Cañadas & Moy a, 2019)130.
In Spain, t he legal f ramework for subsidies/ State aid is the basic State law: Law
38/ 20 03 , of November 1 7t h, General Law of Subsidies131 and it s Developm ent
Regulat ion, Royal Decr ee 88 7/ 2006, of July 21 st. However, apart from this basic St ate
law , the ev alua tio n o f St at e aid , in i ts dif fere nt ph ases, is det erm ine d b y d iffe ren t nor ms
of legal an d regulat or y rank , as well as the equivalent regional r egulations, app licable
in the field s cor responding t o t he Regional Government s.
The General Law of Su bsidies ( Law 38/2003, of Nov em ber 17th) est ablishes, for the
Public Adm inist rations, the obligation to elaborate a strategic plan of subsidies ( PES),
indicating t he object ives, ef fects, term s, estimated costs and fun ding sources, in
coherence with the objectives of budgetary stability. I n fact , ev ery Minist ry in Spain
must design a 3-year Strategic State aid Plan (Plan Estr atégico de Su bvenciones, from
no w PES) an d su bm its an ann ual re por t on its im plem en ta tio n. Ther efo re, in Spa in Stat e
aid are organised t hr ough t hese str at egic plans, which must be coor dinated by ot her
Adm in ist ration s, an d be consistent w it h multiannual ministerial pr ograms. The sam e
app lies to th e regiona l governme nts, as th ey elabor ate an d appr ove strategic su bsidies
130 Callo l, P., Cañadas, M. & Moya, L., ( 2019). Callol, Coca & Asociados SLP. Stat e aid-S pain.
ht tp s: //get tingt hedealthrou gh. com / area/ 67 / ju risdict ion/ 21 /state-aid-sp ai n/
131 Gener al Subsidies Law . Ley Gener al de Subvenciones Ley 38/ 2013 of November 17 th.
ht tp s: //www.o ficinav irtual.pap.hacienda. gob .es/sitios/ oficinavirt ual/es-
ES/Catalogo Sist em asI nform acion/ TESEOnet/ Do cum ents/ LGS-consoli dado.pdf. In Sp anish law the t erm
"p ublic aid" is defin ed as a synon ym for subsidies ( subv encion es in Spanish) , ev en if subsidy is a broader
conc ept of St ate aid, as st ated in the UE law.
132 See for example, t he case of the Balear ic I slands government ,
ht tp :/ / ww ib.e s/g ove rn/ sac/ fi txa .do ?codi= 3 289 478 &cod uo= 21 8&l ang= e s. I n this case, the Balea ric
PES speci fies the dura tion of subsid ies, the ir o bject ives and the exp ected effe cts t o ac hieve , t he de adlin es

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