Country Profile: The Netherlands

AuthorNaldini, Andrea; Pompili, Marco; Peruccacci, Eleonora
21.1. Sect ion 1 - National r ules for t he evaluation of St ate aid schem es
21.1 .1 . Obligat ion or lack ther eof to evaluat e
Policy inst rum en ts of Dut ch Ministr ies an d regional authorities do not have any aid
measures t hat would need a m andatory evaluation as laid down in the exist in g St ate
aid fr amework (Ar ticle 1 of GBER regu lation). As such, at nation al or regional level, no
gen eral ev aluation of th e im pact s and r esults of t he aid schem es h as been carr ied out .
Nonetheless, it is customary in th e Netherlands t o regularly evaluat e legislation ,
regulation and policy instrument s. Under the General Administrative Law Act, it is
required in the Net herlands t o evaluat e all subsidy schem es at 5-year increment s.
Mor eover, under the Regulat ion peri odic evaluat ion research of the Ministry of Finance ,
there is an obligation t o conduct a com pr ehensive policy review at least once every
seven years. Fina lly, since 2014, t here are sunset clauses f or subsidy schemes: after a
specified tim eframe, gen erally aft er 5 years, subsidy schem es are stopped
automatically. It is possible to ex tend t he clauses; howev er , evaluat ion is needed for
evidence on impact motivating the ex tension in a proposal to be subm itt ed t o the
Parliam ent. In essence, for all of these policies, t hey are disbanded unless proven
effect ive . Thus, rigor ous studies are done at regula r in ter vals and constant ly i mprov ed.
Each national regu lation has to in clude one of such ev aluat ion clauses.
21.1 .2 . Proced ures t o enfor ce t he o bligation
An evaluation clause is m andatory for each aid or subsidy scheme. As such, it covers
support schem es in each of t he following policy fields: broadband, compensation of
dam ages cau sed by nat ural d isaster, cult ure, employm ent ( especially vulnerable part s
of th e l abou r for ce) , e nvi ron me nt al p rot ect ion ( inc ludi ng ene rgy sa vin gs) , i nfr ast ru ctu re
for sports and other recreat ion, regional developm ent (including infrastructure, port s
and airpor ts), RDI, sect or al development , SMEs (including r isk capital), social support
to individual consum ers, and training. An im port ant cav eat is that these evaluation s
assess t he gen eral effect of th e measures and ar e no t sp ecifically related t o St ate aid.
21.2. Sect ion 2 - National aut horit ies r esponsible for th e evaluat ion of State aid
21.2 .1 . Nation al organisat ion for State aid
In term s of governance of evaluations, ther e is a num ber of ground rules. Fir st , the
studies are commissioned and funded by the national or regional aut hority (Ministries,
Provinces, Municipalit ies, Governm ental agencies, et c.) responsible for the
im plementation of t he policy. Second, the ev aluat ion is not conducted by the same
authority; rat her, it has to be carried out by an in dependent research group. Such a
resear ch grou p is steered by a guidance committee wit h an independent Chair and
indep endent expert (s) involv ed.
The gener al ob ligat ions of EU State aid schemes require t he Netherlands to report on
aid sche mes of Dut ch gov ern men ts. The r epor tin g st ructu re is coor dinated thr ough tw o
core actors. First, t he Ministr y of Econom ic Affairs and Clim at e coordinates t he annual
State aid r eport on aid granted by national ministries, under EU St ate aid rules. Aft er
collect ing input from each Ministr ies’ Adm inist rative Or ganisation ( responsible for
collect ing all St at e aid related information from the Min ist ry and its in dependent
age ncies) , th e Min istr y d elivers t he d ocum ent ation to the Permanent Represen tat ion of
the King dom of th e Ne the rlan ds t o t he Eur opea n Un ion (PVEU). This i nst itu te tak es ca re

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