Current best practices

AuthorIrma Baraku
Over the years, the CPD has examples of best practice in dealing wit h hate speech based
on grounds of ethnicity, language, sexual orientation and gender identity, under the
prohibition of harassm ent as a form of discrimination. In 2019, the Alliance Against Hate
was established under a memorandum of cooperation between th e CPD, the People’s
Advocate and the Audio-visual M edia Authority (AMA), which ha ve committed themselves
to working together to promote an d advocat e the fight against hate speech and
discrimination in Albania. The Alliance Against Hate constitutes a united approach in
seeking to:
- develop communication and information mat erials to raise awarene ss and promote
diversity and freedom of expression, including brochures, reports and campaigns
using public service announcements so that they reach their target audience and
wider society;
- boost collaboration with strategic partner organisations and ag encies with important
roles in the fight against discrimination , such as the Ministry of Education, Youth
and Sports, internet service providers (ISPs), journalist organisations, civil society
organisations, and consumer protection organisations.
- support partners in identifying effective mecha nisms to combat hate s peech based
on European best practices;
- identify mechanisms for the enhancement of information sharing and staff
In a 2019 press release, the Commissioner for Protecti on from Discrimination reacted to
online hate speech that had been directed at compatriots.205 He welcomed the State
Police action to investigate and prosecute two cases of online hate speech concerning the
religious beliefs of Albanians in Northern Macedonia and Kos ovo206 that were ma de public
in the m edia. The CPD reconfirmed its willingness to cooperate with institutions with the
aim of preventing the use of discriminatory expressions that affect human dign ity.207
The Commissioner for Protection from Discrimin ation also condemned the use of hate
speech in repeated incidents in stadiums connected with ethnicity and race, and in insults
made via social media against vulnerable groups su ch as Roma, Egyptians and
representatives of the LGBTI community.
204 See
205 See
206 This designation is made without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UN Security Council
Resolution 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo Declaration of Independence.
207 More information on these cases is not available.

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