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AuthorDurbáková, Vanda
A national project of health mediators based in marginalised Roma communities, entitled
‘Healthy Communities’ is aimed at improving the access of marginalised Roma communities
to healthcare. It recently employed 264 health mediat ors mostly of Roma origin ( the
mediators mostly come from the communities) who assist people from marginalised Roma
communities with everyday health-related situations. In 2018 , this project introduced an
additional pilot initiative and currently employs eight Roma health mediators working
directly in maternity an d paediatric wards of selected h ospitals in the vicinity of
marginalised Roma communities in eastern Slovakia. They carry out mediation and
awareness-raising work as well as providing psychosocial support for Roma women and
children in hospitals.448
In 2019, regional inspectorates of the Slovak Trade Inspectorate in Košice and Prešov
intensified their insp ection work focused on uncovering racial discrimin ation against the
Roma minority in access to public spaces (e.g. pubs, restaurants). They carried out a
number of checks in this area, based on complaints rec eived from the Centre for Civil and
Human Rights, which has conducted field monitoring on the occurrence of d iscrimination
against Roma in the particular area and identified a number of specific cases. The
inspectorates carried out checks using a method of situation testing and Roma people
facing discrimination participated as testers, enabling the inspectorates to effectively
document potential discrimination. The centre facilitated th e participation of Roma in the
inspection checks on racial discrimination and published a report analysing the work of the
current inspectorate, proposing a number of recommendations to improve its
The largest internet e mployment portal in Slovakia, started giving
particular attention to discriminati on against persons with health disabilities and came up
with an initiative to support their employment in the society. In 2018, over 2 000 persons
with health disabilities were looking for a job and created CV profiles on the portal. From
1 March 2019, th e company decided to provide free access to all these p rofiles for their
clients that use the portal for searching for new employees. It also actively communicates
with NGOs working with p ersons with disabilities, for instance, to support the preparatio n
of people with disabilities for job interviews.450
448 Additional infomation is available on the website of the project:
449 Centre for Civil and Human Rights (2019) Situačný testing ako nástroj preukazovania diksriminácie v
prístupe k tovarom a službám (Situational testing as a tool for uncovering dicrimination in access to goods
and services). Porada pre občianske a udské práva. Available at https://www.poradna-
450 Additional information about the initiative is available at

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