Current best practices

AuthorKamenska, Anhelita
Awareness raising a nd training for emplo yers on equality and d iversity issues,
undertaken by the Societ y Integration Fund within the framework of an EU-funded
campaign called Promoting diversity(2018-2022), can be considered an example of
good practice. In 2018 the campaign was dedicated to asylum seekers and refugees.289
A further example of good practice is provided by a set of activities organised by the
Ombudsman’s Office, in cooperation with NGOs working with persons with disabilities,
aimed at raising public awareness about the barriers faced by persons with disabilities.
Annual surveys are conducted concerning accessibility to healthcare facilities, banks and
higher educational establishments by persons with disability, there is an annual
conference, annual awards are made to NGOs, and actions are b eing taken by employers
to facilitate the social inclusion of persons with disabilities.
289 Sabiedrbas integrcijas fonds (2018), Atvrtba ir vrtba, available at: ntent&view=article&id=10454%3AAtvertiba-ir-

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