Data collection

The survey was laun ched on Monday 27 May 2019 at
11.00 Central European T ime (CET) and it was commu -
nicated to the public by th e promotional channels from
28May. The survey was conclude d on Monday 22July
at 19.04 CET.
In this chapter, the presentation of t he sample size
achieved is based on the n umber of submit ted ques-
tionnaires, before data cleaning (for more informa-
tion on the data-clea ning process, see Chapter 8, Data
processing). Figure 36 shows the da ily number of sub-
missions over the perio d the survey was open. Anum-
ber of f‌luctuatio ns can be observed. The f‌irst p eak was
observed acouple of days af ter the starting date, with
promotional campaigns run by LGBTI organisations con-
tributing the mo st. The sharpest peaks, however, were
noticed at the end of the thi rd and at the beginni ng of
the seventh week of the sur vey, when Grindr(19) distrib-
uted direct messa ges about the survey to its user s; the
peaks are mainly at tributed to gay and bisexual men.
(19) Grindr is asocial net working applica tion accessible throu gh:
Data collection
Figure 36. Daily submissions by target group
Lesbians Gay Bisexual women Bisexual men Trans Intersex
1 000
2 000
3 000
4 000
5 000
6 000
7 000
8 000

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