Deutsche Telekom, the world's third biggest telecommunications company, announced on October 28 that its net profit was 22% up on the first nine months of 1998, compared with the same period in 1997, to make a total of DM 3 billion. Between January and September, the company's trading figures rose 3.6% to DM 51.4 billion. Deutsche Telekom stresses that these are solely provisional figures. During the third quarter of this year, turnover rose only slightly, by 1.6% to DM 17.03 billion, owing to shares lost in the long-distance telecommunications market. Between July and September, the net profit rose 31%, to DM 1.05 billion. Deutsche Telekom has refrained from speculating about the result for the year as a whole, pending decisions that still have to be taken by the Regulatory Authority, the telecommunications watchdog, before the end of 1998.In...

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