Developing students' writing skill through peer feedback

AuthorOsman Osmani - Fikret Pajaziti - Lavdim Terziu
PositionUniversity of Prishtina, Kosovo - Kosovo Pedagogical Institute, Kosovo - International American Academy of Kosova, Kosovo
Vol. 3 No. 1
May, 2017
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2410-759X
Acces online at
Developing students’ writing skill through peer feedback
Osman Osmani
University of Prishtina, Kosovo
Fikret Pajaziti
Kosovo Pedagogical Institute, Kosovo
Lavdim Terziu
International American Academy of Kosova, Kosovo
People in general, and students in particular cannot run away from writing since writing is
a skill they do every day. In pursuance of helping students to be good writers, teachers have
to help them. Thus, the teacher must strive to nd ways to teach writing in an e cient way.
And one such e ective way is close related to how students give feedback to their peers. The
current study is designed to examine the issue of peer feedback in the context of the vocational
upper secondary school in Viti, Kosovo, during a four-month period in 2017. It is an action
research which aims to evaluate students’ progress while writing paragraphs in descriptive
genre as their homework assignment. Twenty-two high school senior students participated in
the study, but only nine of them were the sample. A er analyzing the data collected through
homework assignments, students’ improvement in writing was evident. Using this technique,
they produced be er writing. Once they got used with giving and receiving feedback from their
peers, they became eager to share and read each other’s papers. Additionally, this technique
kept students focused in learning, which is ultimately the goal of every teacher. With reference
to dynamics of writing, it was organized, e cient, standardized in the sense of coherence
and cohesion, proper use of paragraphs, grammar, punctuation, and so on. Furthermore, peer
feedback technique was found very e ective and productive in improving writing skill. To
recapitulate, we con rm that this technique not only yields be er writing to students, but it
has also a useful implication for EFL secondary school teachers in the Republic of Kosovo.
Keywords: Feedback, Peer feedback, Writing skills, Writing process, Descriptive paragraphs.
Writing is one of the greatest skill. It is said that writing process is like a road map
because students' thoughts and actions can be monitored through this skill, i.e.,
writing skill. Mastering this skill is of signi cant importance since writing is one of
the ways of sharing information, thoughts, experiences, or ideas, between ourselves
and the others (Cahyono, 2009: 16).
The topic of this research is, “Developing students’ writing skill through peer
correction/feedback” where by carrying out this research process, the improvement
of students’ performance regarding writing is expected to be achieved. By doing it,
we wish to make changes for be er in writing. All in all, changes are experienced by
us every day, and changes have always shown be er results while applied. Therefore,
the goal of this project expects to enlighten the bene ts of these changes.

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