Digital Trade and Data Protection: The Need for a Global Approach Balancing Policy Objectives

AuthorHabib Kazzi
PositionProfessor of International Economic Law, Lebanese University, MENA Legal Consultant, Lawyer at the Paris Bar Association
Vol. 4 No. 2
June, 2020
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2519-1284
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Digital Trade and Data Protection:
The Need for a Global Approach Balancing Policy Objectives
Habib Kazzi
MENA Legal Consultant
In an increasingly data-driven global economy, this contribution analyses the ambiguous
relationships between global trade crossborder data ows and online privacy Free data
ows and localization constitutes an essential driver for Ecommerce and a precondition
for its potential success But legal and cultural dierences between national regional and
international regimes on privacy and data protection, as well as variable public policy
objectivespursued bygovernments mayconstitute a newgeneration ofnontari barriers
to digital trade. This assessment makes more necessary a global approach balancing policy
objectiveswhileenabling interoperabilitybetweendieringnationalregimes andremoving
policyorinternationalagreementshouldbe basedonthefollowingthreepillarsadopting
data protection principles and standards in accordance with OECD PrivacyGuidelines 
orauthoritiesand providingfor atradetest thatensuresfreeows andlocalizationof
data between countries, while recognizing that sometimes measures are necessary to achieve
legitimate policy objectives and, in this case, such measures should be the least trade restrictive,
non-discriminatory, and transparent.
Keywords: Digital Trade Data Flows Privacy Public Policy Objectives OECD Privacy
Trade policy crossborder data ows and online privacy have interrelated and
ambiguous relationships The rise of Ecommerce raises challenges for States and
internationaltradeand commerceDataowsenable companiesandindividualsto
track global supply chains, transmit information for online communication, provide
crossborder services share research and support technological innovation CRS
component of international trade (creation of new players and innovative sectors);
and  internal corporate data ows through supply chain or human resources
management This might be information and communication of ideas exchanged

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