Domestic violence, a widespread phenomenon in Albania - Strengthening measures and severity of impunity for this criminal offense

AuthorAsllan Dogjani
PositionMember of the Albanian Parliament
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
Vol. 1 No. 1
January 2017
ISSN 2519-1284
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Domestic violence, a widespread phenomenon in Albania - Strengthening
measures and severity of impunity for this criminal o ense
Av. Asllan Dogjani
Member of the Albanian Parliament
The focus of this paper is oriented to the amendments concerning punishment, stricter
measures, facilitation of procedures, the possibility that the law gives victims of domestic
violence to be protected immediately by the abuser, and how legal changes have in uenced
the reduction of this widespread phenomenon in Albania. The continuous increase of domestic
violence victims led to the necessity of legal changes. In the amendments of law no. 9669, dated
18.2006 is provided the increase of punishments, strengthening of measures and facilitation
of the procedures in order to provide the victims greater opportunities to be protected against
the domestic violence. This is the legal system that operates to eliminate domestic violence
that occurs in all its forms, as physical and psychological violence. The legal framework that
supports victims of domestic violence is wide and complete, but the implementation process
is very slow and di cult to apply. This de ciency on the implementation of laws for domestic
violence is similar to the lack of a legal framework, thus there are li le opportunities provided
for the rehabilitation or treatment of victims and punishment of abusers. The phenomenon of
domestic violence is di cult to eradicate from the Albanian society in, but is not considered as
an impossible mission. This mission must not be seen as a duty of the Justice system only, but
in order to be completed, it must necessarily involve the civil society.
This study’s aim is to o er feasible and realistic solutions that can signi cantly minimize the
number of domestic violence cases. A detailed analysis is made on causes and di erent aspects
that impact this phenomenon, in order to conclude a general opinion that serves to the legal
framework and institutions responsible for domestic violence.
Keywords: protection order, immediate protection order, measures, violence, victims of
violence, court, law, family, the Constitution, the Criminal Code.
Domestic violence is a wound on human society, and Albania is not an exception.
The justice system is facing more and more cases of domestic violence of various
forms. Domestic violence is globally widespread. Its consequences on women are
considerable, because it threatens their lives, wellbeing, psychological integrity and
freedom. Physical signs are easy to identify, but domestic violence comes in more
other forms that are di cult to be detected. O en the abuser prohibits the victim
to address the case to the competent institutions, especially in cases when violence
marks are evident, in order to be di cult to prove the violence. Justice professionals
must be very a entive to the psychological consequences of domestic violence. O en
the woman has signs of post-traumatic stress and a good professional of justice may
require the help of a colleague in the eld of psychology or social work, to make
an assessment and a professional report to demonstrate those consequences, not so

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