Author:Yochanan Altman
Publication Date:01 Sep 2020
In this, issue 3, 2020, of the European Management
Review we bring you three special sections: Leveraging
cooperation for gender equality in management, guest
edited by Beáta Nagy, T. Alexandra Beauregard, Henriett
Primecz and Janne Tienari, comprising four articles;
Disadvantage Entrepreneurship: Decoding a new area
of research, guest edited by Adnane Maalaoui, Vanessa
Ratten, Sibylle Heilbrunn, Malin Brannback and Sascha
Kraus, comprising four articles; and Researching family
business growth, guest edited by Alessandro Cirillo,
Jolien Huybrechts, Donata Mussolino, Salvatore Sciascia
and Wim Voordeckers, comprising three articles. An
introductory paper by the guest editors precedes each
I would like to thank the guest editors for this
outstanding contribution to our journal. They have put
together a fine collection of the latest empirical and
theoretical developments in their respective fields all
of them highly topical, rigorous and thought provoking.
The issue concludes with a methodology matters
section paper: Entrepreneurial Process Studies Using
Insider Action Research: Opportunities & Challenges for
Entrepreneurship Scholarshipby Kisito Futonge
Nzembayie and Anthony Paul Buckley.
I am glad to ann ounce EMRs best paper for 2019:
The Impact of Global Economic Crisis and Austerity
on Quality of Working Life and WorkLife Balance: A
Capabilities Pers pectiveby Uracha Chatrakul Na
Ayudhya, Rea Prouska & T. Alexandra Beauregard.
Volume 16, Issue 4; DOI: 10.1111/emre.12128
The runners up were:
Migrant CEOs: Barriers and Strategies on the Way to
the Top by Celine Legrand, Akram Al Ariss & Nikos
Bozionelos. Volume 16, Issue 3; DOI: 10.1111/
Talent Management: The Good, the Bad, and the
Possibleby Mollie PainterMorland, Susan Kirk,
Ghislain Deslandes & Carole Tansley.
Volume 16, Issue 1; DOI: 10.1111/emre.12171
The editorial review pa nel for choosing the best pape r
were Sonja Sperber, Donata Mussolino and Yochanan
Altman. In their judgment the panel concluded:
The paper The Impact of Global Economic Crisis and
Austerity on Quality of Working Life and WorkLife
Balance: A Capabilities Perspectivebrings together two
very important and current issues: working life and
worklifebalance, and individual behaviour under
circumstances of economic crises, offering a unique and
highly rewarding adaptation of the capabilities approach
by revealing that the sense of entitlement, and,
respectively, worklifebalance, bears a large impact on
workersperception of their capabilities.Congratulations
to the winners.
Indeed, as we go to press, another crisis is looming
above Europe. COVID19 is erupting again in full force
and we have entered a second w ave of the pandemic.
The EMR editorial team wish you all to keep safe and be
European Management Review, Vol. 17, 599, (2020)
DOI: 10.1111/emre.12432
© 2020 European Aca demy of Management

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