Efficiency and effectiveness of the operation, development and competitiveness of MEP 'Oslomej'

AuthorImer Zenku
PositionELEM JSC ? Skopje, Subsidiary MEP 'Oslomej' ? Kicevo
Vol. 1 No. 1
January 2017
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2519-1284
Acces online at www.iipccl.org
E ciency and e ectiveness of the operation, development and
competitiveness of MEP “Oslomej”
Imer Zenku
ELEM JSC – Skopje, Subsidiary MEP “Oslomej” – Kicevo
Electricity production represents an important economic activity, which is not in the phase
of maturity, nor decline, but has a rather promising development future and is the most
important factor for the socioeconomic development of a country.
Therefore, the subject to be elaborated in this paper is very much up to date due to the fact that
it includes the essential aspects related to electricity, and in this context, the a ention will be
focused on the detailed and practical processing of selected data concerning the management
of production, human resources and the price of produced electricity per generator in Thermo
power plant (TPP) “Oslomej”, as well as the various activities related to more successful
operation and production increase.
The analysis in this paper focuses and aims to show the importance and in uence of these
aspects on the management of the industrial plant, as well as improvement of its e ectiveness
and e ciency of operation and development. All of this will have an important role and direct
impact on the creation and increase of the organizational competitiveness, which is still not
present because of the regulated production capacities, but is expected a er full liberalization
of the electricity market in the Republic of Macedonia.
Keywords: e ciency, e ectiveness, development, competitiveness, electricity.
An important segment for the development of the economy of each country is of
course the sector of electricity production together with its production facilities. In this
sense, the Mining and energy plant (MEP) Oslomej as the second largest production
facility part of ELEM JSC, is very important for the electric energy system as a whole,
in terms of employment and economic development of the municipality, the region
and the country. The plant has an installed capacity of 125 MW, and produces about
10% of the electricity in the Republic of Macedonia. The total electricity production
for the period 1980-2015 amounts to 17,046,099 [MWh], which represents 85.4%
of its total planned production of 19,968,172 [MWh], reaching an average annual
production of 473,503 [MWh].
Taking into consideration all of the above, as well as the need for an increase in
electricity production in the country in general, related to ELEM JSC, and especially
in MEP Oslomej, the purpose of this paper is to show the current operation of MEP
Oslomej and the possibilities for improvement of the e ciency and e ectiveness
of the future operation and development of the plant. This includes preparation
and modi cation of the industrial plant to operate in conditions needed in order
to accomplish and sustain competitive advantage in a fully liberalized electricity

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