With unemployment setting new records in Europe, at 11.9% in the eurozone and 10.8% in the EU, the European Commission is concerned about the number of highly qualified job vacancies that might go unfilled in the field of information technologies for a lack of qualified applicants.

According to its figures, 900,000 jobs will be vacant by 2015. To convince the sector, national administrations and training bodies to invest in training, it is sponsoring a Grand Coalition' conference, on 4-5 March in Brussels, with firms like Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom and Google.

Certain pledges are materialising, such as those by Spanish telecoms group Telefonica to support 1,000 startups, by US group Cisco to train 100,000 meter installers online or by German business management software group SAP to launch an online training platform (Academy Cube). The Commission expects others in...

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