Empowering vulnerable groups to participate in digital skills

AuthorDirectorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (European Commission)
© Raul Perez, 2018
An Employing Digital training session
Problem addressed
The demand for digital skills in the workplace is growing
rapidly and it is estimated that 9 out of 10 jobs will require
digital skills in the near future. This means that some level
of knowledge of advanced digital skills such as coding or
debugging will be increasingly required for entry into many
jobs, barring access to people with low levels of qualif‌ications.
For people from vulnerable backgrounds, such as the Roma
community, this could mean an increased risk of exclusion
from the labour market and further economic hardship if they
do not have access to digital and technological training.
Innovative solution
The Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) was established in
the 1960s in order to improve the well-being of the Roma
community in Spain. It accomplishes its mission through a
series of programmes which include the #EmpleandoDigital
programme. #EmpleandoDigital focuses on developing the
digital skills of people at risk of social exclusion through a
digital skills training scheme. The training courses provided
to the community are designed in tandem with major
companies and each one aims at providing the benef‌iciary
with basic and advanced digital skills as well as training for
1 of 23 identif‌ied occupations by Accenture as having the
greatest employment prospects in an increasingly digitalised
labour market. 80% of the benef‌iciaries of the programme
are from the Roma community.
While similar initiatives exist in Spain, the strength of
#EmpleandoDigital lies in the innovative partnership
between public, private and non-prof‌it organisations and the
focus of providing training that is based on occupations that
will be the most sought aer in an increasingly digitalised
labour market. This gives it access to a range of expertise and
funding. The Red Cross and FSG bring expertise on working
with vulnerable groups and a long-standing relationship with
the Roma community. The Accenture Foundation provides
technical assistance and high-prof‌ile support and has also
designed a number of innovative digital tools to support the
implementation of the #EmpleandoDigital project.
Empowering vulnerable groups to
participate in digital skills
Employing Digital

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