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In its work programme for the next six months, the German EU Presidency has announced that it intends to improve competitiveness in the industrial sector, particularly the car industry. It has also said that continuing with the better legislation' initiative is an "essential contribution" to improving the framework conditions for European businesses.

Based on the European Commission's work programme for industrial policy, Germany intends to monitor the implementation of horizontal and sectoral initiatives in the different Council bodies and other areas. The car industry remains a priority. The Commission has already presented a communication on the regulatory framework for the car industry in the 21st century by taking into account the specific recommendations of the high level group CARS 21.

The German EU Presidency is also expected to look at other sectors such as the textile and clothing industry, mechanical construction, ceramics and biotechnology. Recommendations for action and initiatives designed to increase competitiveness in these areas will be presented together with the Commission. The Presidency has also stressed that interactions between competitiveness, energy and environment should be set out in themes (the Commission has already established a high level group for competitiveness, energy and environment).


When it comes to the implementation of the seventh framework programme for research and the new framework programme for competitiveness...

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