A compromise on the position the European Union will defend at the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) conference of parties, scheduled for March in Doha, is on the agenda of the European Commission's meeting on 6 January. According to certain EU sources, the different commissioners' cabinets, who met on 4 January, do not see eye to eye on the issue. They asked the Secretariat-General to work out a compromise by 12 noon on 5 January. The main stumbling block is the listing of bluefin tuna in Annex I of the convention, which would mean a total ban on its marketing. CITES, applied since 1984 by the European Community, is meant to ensure that international trade in species of plants and animals does not threaten the survival of the species to which they belong.

According to Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg, the addition of...

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