EU Banking And Finance Regulatory Newsletter - October 2019

Author:Mr Michael Huertas

While much of Europe is celebrating Halloween, All Saints and possibly "Not Brexit Day" on October 31st, change is well underway in the European Union. Firstly, Brexit's Exit Date has been pushed back to January 31, 2020, in what the EU has offered as a "final" extension to allow the UK to head to its first December General Election since 1924. There is no certainty that what is expected to be an impassioned election could break the parliamentary impasse and there is concern, on both sides of the Channel and the Irish Sea, that putting contingency planning on hold, could have adverse impacts. Secondly, the Von der Leyen (VDL) Commission is likely to take office later than planned after a number of last minute new Commissioner nominations following the European Parliament's rejections of certain confirmation hearings.

Change is also underway at the ECB both in terms of incoming President Lagarde replacing outgoing Mario Draghi's stewardship, who again at his last monetary policy press conference reiterated calls for fiscal policy action on a coordinated but intensified level. He did so again, in addition to calling for increased action to deliver a reinvigorated Capital Markets Union, during his farewell event, at which outgoing President Draghi was equally thanked by national leaders for "doing whatever it takes" during his tenure. Draghi's departure is not the only change, notably as the ECB looks to fill the board seat that is open following Sabine Lautenschläger's resignation following her reservations on renewed monetary policy stimulus that the ECB recommenced in September. It certainly has been a busy October for institutional, regulatory, monetary policy and equally financial markets change - not least in the start of the move to replacement risk free rates and first publication of €STR as part of the EU Benchmarks Regulation starting to have operational impact - please see our dedicated coverage and materials on our support in this area.

Other changes ahead follow-on from the EU's announced Action Plan and Finance Ministers now expected in December to call on the European Commission to...

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