PositionSupplementary and Amending Budget

Supplementary and Amending Budget 5/2002 is designed to collect the remaining funding available in 2002, so as to relocate them to budget lines where they may be used to anticipate, in 2002, spending originally planned for 2003. For these budgetary lines, the level of funding will therefore be reduced in the 2003 Budget by an amount equal to the anticipatory one in 2002. The margin produced by this reduction in 2003 will help cover the needs that cannot be met in any other way under the current category 5 (Administration) ceiling. Total appropriations that may be used for this "frontloading" operation come to Euro 80.13 million.

The first items of expenditure to be anticipated, thanks to unused sums in 2002, are those bound up with publishing secondary legislation in the languages of the candidate countries. Euro 25.6 million of the 29 million originally planned for 2003, may be released in 2002 to place the orders required for the publication. The year 2003 funding for the publication of the legislative achievements (acquis communautaire), which cannot be anticipated in 2002 (3.4 million) have to be provided for in the 2003 Budget. In the wake of the Parliament's first reading decision to axe any funding for the publication of the legislative achievements, the monies should be restored during the second reading. The Parliament will also chip in Euro 870,000 for the publication of secondary legislation against the background of enlargement. This amount is not included in the anticipatory operation and should be paid for out of the 2003 Budget.

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