Following what European Council President Herman Van Rompuy called a "positive and constructive' EU-Russia summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin strongly criticised the bloc's stance regarding its third energy package.

Echoing Van Rompuy's positive assessment of the 30th bilateral summit, which was held on 21 December 2012, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso claimed in a lengthy declaration that Russia's complaints about the EU's energy policy were unjustified. "We believe the European Union is respecting all international agreements and also the principles and rules of law," he noted, adding that the policy was "non-discriminatory".

But according to Putin, if Barroso "outlined his position in so great detail and so emotionally, it is because he feels he is wrong; he knows he is wrong". Talking to the two EU leaders and to the press, he urged them to look at the text of the EU-Russia partnership and cooperation...

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