The European Central Bank (ECB) unveiled, on 13 January in Frankfurt, the new ten-euro banknote that will go into circulation after 23 September. It will be the second from a new series of banknotes called "Europa," which are supposed to be more tamper-proof. The design of this new banknote is the same as the old one with some additional security features, which are supposed to make them "even more resistant to counterfeiting". Apart from having an emerald number, which changes colour with a lighting effect, the most significant novelty, which is also the case for the new 5 banknote introduced in May, is a hologram of Europa's face, a princess from Greek mythology who was abducted by Zeus, and who subsequently gave her name to the continent.

Counterfeit stats

In conjunction with this announcement, the ECB has said that 353,000 counterfeit euro banknotes had been withdrawn from circulation during the second half of 2013, which is even more than in the first half (317,000) and in the second half of...

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