(High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the Commission)

Head of Cabinet: James Morrison (Britain). Career British Foreign Office official with special expertise in EU, trade and Asia. Served twice in UK's Permanent Representation to the EU. Has been strategy tutor to various public and private clients. Previously head of Ashton's cabinet when trade commissioner.

Deputy Head: To be confirmed (TBC).

Spokesman: Lutz Gullner (Germany). Formerly Ashton's trade spokesman. Has Commission background in external relations.


(Competition, Vice-President of the Commission)

Head of Cabinet: Carlos Martinez-Mongay (Spain). Previously head of unit in DG Ecfin responsible for economies of Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Portugal.

Deputy Head: Guillaume Loriot (France), currently head of unit, anti-trust and merger case support at DG COMP.

Spokeswoman: Amelia Torres (Portugal). Former journalist (Reuters, Diario de Noticias). Previously competition spokeswoman for five years. Currently spokeswoman for economic and monetary affairs.


(Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion)

Head of Cabinet: Anabela Gago (Portugal), currently deputy head of cabinet to Taxation Commissioner Laszlo Kovacs. Former translator, speaks five languages fluently. Has worked in Environment and Justice and Home Affairs DGs.

Deputy Head: TBC

Spokeswoman: Cristina Arigho (Ireland). Former news producer. Joined Commission in 2003 as speechwriter on employment and social affairs. Currently budget spokeswoman.


(Internal Market and Services)

Head of Cabinet: Olivier Guersent (France). Previously head of DG Competition's Cartels Directorate and worked in cabinets of former Competition Commissioners Nelly Kroes and Karel Van Miert.

Deputy Head: Kerstin Jorna (Germany). Previously head of cabinet for former Justice Commissioner Jacques Barrot, and worked for Barnier when he was regional affairs commissioner.

Spokeswoman: Chantal Hughes (dual British/French nationality). Detached British civil servant, spent a year at Ecole Normale d'Administration. Currently spokeswoman for employment and social affairs.


(Agriculture and Rural Development)

Head of Cabinet: Georg Hausler (Asutria). Currently head of unit for budget and audit in DG Agriculture.

Deputy Head:aIonel-Sorin Moisa (Romania). Currently in Commission's DG Tansport.

Spokesman: TBC


(Health and Consumer Policy)

Head of Cabinet: Joanna Darmanin (Malta). Fulfils same function (isn't she deputy head now?) for outgoing Maltese Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg. Has worked in private offices of both the Maltese president and foreign minister and Malta's Permanent...

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