Execution of criminal decisions for juveniles and their suspension

AuthorEnkela Hoxha
PositionAgricultural University of Tirana
Vol. 4 No. 2
June, 2020
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2519-1284
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Execution of criminal decisions for juveniles and their suspension
MSc. Enkela Hoxha
Juvenile criminal law is characterized by special care humanism and eorts to punish
the perpetrators so that the person is not harmed and oriented towards the best possible
education, with the norms of civic education. The aim of the legislature is that through special
careeortsbemade tochannelanddiscipline thisspeciccategoryso thattheyfeelthe care
JuvenileJusticeCodeproperlegalregulationof allaspectspertainingtotheeldof criminal
proceedings, punishment and enforcement for the category of juveniles who for various
reasonshaveparticipated incommiingvariouscriminal oensesThelegislator hasrightly
aachedspecialimportanceto thiscategoryof subjecttowhomsociety andthestate havea
high sensitivity, not only for the fact of their arrival as honest citizens, but also for what avoids
Keywords: execution of criminal decisions for juveniles juvenile criminal law, juvenile
In our Criminal Code special aention has been paid to thetreatment of minors
makingadierencewith adultsdueto theirageand mentaldevelopmentIncases
where the juvenile is the defendant, the legislation provides for multiple alternatives
tothe sanctions imposedon him andthe most extremecase is thatof the arrestof
a prisoner. During this time, the juvenile who is a defendant must be compulsorily
The juvenile defendant who is under the security measure of imprisonment, during
in the section of juveniles in the detention facilities, this means that in the detention
facilities must to create the juvenile section, which will serve this purpose. This is
denedin the bylawsissuedby the MinisterofJustice While theexecution of the
sentencing decision for the juvenile containing imprisonment will be executed by
placing him in the special institution that will serve for the serving of the sentence
defendants convicts areplaced must comply withthe requirements ofrespecting
the health and dignity of the juvenile and be in the function of re-socialization,
reintegrationrehabilitationandpreventionof reoending commiing a crime or
socialworkerinthestaof detentionandjuveniledetentioninstitutionsAccording
to the case, the institution must provide the possibility of a pediatrician, psychiatrist
1 Juvenile Justice Code of the Republic of Albania, Article 110, point 2.

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