AuthorNina Gregori
ProfessionExecutive Director, European Asylum Support Office
With Europe experiencing yet again an increase in the number of applications for international
protection in 2019 (for the first time since 2015), asylum remains a high priority in the EU policy
agenda. As the trends change over time, we remain collectively working toward providing optimal
solutions to persons in need of protection, while maintaining the integrity of national asylum systems.
The 2020 edition of the EASO Asylum Rep ort offers a
concise and comprehensive overview of key developments
in international protection and the functioning of the
Common European Asylum System (CE AS). To produce its
annual flagship report, the European Asylum Support Office
(EASO) collects and analyses information from a wide range
of reliable sou rces to provide   look at policy
changes and improvements over the course of the year,
while underlining challenges which remain to be addressed.
As EASO celebrates its 10-          
importance in providing operational and technical assistance in asylum matters to EU+ countries. The
information produced by EASO is vital to enable policy-makers to make informed decisions, to enable
countries to cope with an ever- changing landscape of migratory patterns and to empower national
administrations in processing, case by case, a continuous stream of applications.
We look forward to the long-awaited adoption of a new regulation for the European Union Asylum
Agency, which will transform EASO into a fully-fledged EU agency, strengthen its role and expand its
mandate. As the centre of expertise on asylum, EASO will continue to provide service-oriented,
impartial and transparent support toward the effective implementation of CEAS.
I am grateful for the on-going collaboration with all our partners towards common, transparent and
sustainable asylum systems across Europe. Efficient systems can respond rapidly to the changing
patterns in migration flows and ensure a clear, fair and dignified process to each applicant for
international protection. We are already seeing global and national situations emerging in 2020 which
may lead to more people seeking refuge. Now, more than ever, we must continue to work towards a
truly common European asylum system by attaining convergence in addressing the needs for
international protection and showing solidarity with Member States which are under the greatest
Nina Gregori
Executive Director
European Asylum Support Office

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