Fostering active youth participation in local decision-making

AuthorDirectorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (European Commission)
© Ana Bento, 2017
Presentation of YPB to relevant stakeholders
Problem addressed
Providing meaningful social, civic and political engagement
opportunities for all young people is one of the priorities
of the EU. As outlined in the EU Youth Strategy, young
people generally show interest in politics and are socially
active but tend to turn away from traditional forms of
political participation. Young people prefer to support
causes that are directly relevant to them, engaging in them
through alternative political participation methods such as
volunteering or online support. Alternative means of civic
and democratic participation are, however, not widespread
in many European countries. This limits the opportunities for
young people to engage in politics in a way that interests and
motivates them.
Innovative solution
Youth Participatory Budgeting (YPB) is a Portuguese initiative
that aims to foster the active and informed participation of
young people in decision-making and promote a stronger
sense of citizenship by providing an online platform that
caters to young people’s need for alternative means of civic
and democratic participation.
Citizens aged 14–30 can present project proposals related to
education, employment and sustainable development, and
receive up to EUR 100 000 to implement them. Portugal is
the f‌irst country in the world to implement YPB across the
whole country.
In partnership with the National Youth Council, the National
Federation of Youth Organisations and several municipalities,
the Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth (IPDJ) organises
participatory meetings throughout the country to recruit and
guide young people in developing and presenting project
proposals. Proposals are then pre-selected by relevant
public administrations and submitted to a public vote
online or through a free SMS system. Winning projects are
implemented through collaboration between IPDJ, local
NGOs, municipalities and young people.
By creating opportunities for young people to shape local
policies and services, the YPB approach inspires genuine
civic engagement, departing from a narrower focus on the
promotion of voting among young people. Young people
collaborate with public authorities and NGOs on the
implementation of winning projects, familiarising them
with the policy-making process and strengthening their
civic participation.
Fostering active youth participation
in local decision-making
Youth Participatory Budgeting

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