From adolescence to adulthood

AuthorDenis Çelçima - Sulejman Abazi
Vol. 2 No. 3
January, 2017
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania
ISSN 2410-759X
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From adolescence to adulthood
Dr. Denis Çelçima
Dr. Sulejman Abazi
I feel appreciated to refer in this event of national character. I am reporting here on a study
topic, aiming to exchange experiences in the f‌i eld of psycho-pedagogical education of our
children. The theme is product of observation of adolescents behavior, their motivation in
forming civic and academic, based on the theme of doctorate in the same subject and a fruitful
cooperation with the Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Mr. Sulejman ABAZI, with other
colleagues in diT erent high schools in Tirana and Durres, judging modestly that somehow we
will be valuable in achieving the objective of this scientif‌i c symposium.
Keywords: Adolescence, Egocentrism, Identity, Interaction, Adolescent egocentrism.
Psychological and social shocks have to appear on all the structural elements of
the Albanian society. Deeply troubled is family, community, social and individual
conscience, trying to front inability to overcome the stress that is causing from
social and economic factors on diT erent layers of society. All of us are facing lack
of psychological preparation and negative phenomena that are damageing the
our society during the transitional period. Stage of resistance for many reasons has
hampered access of change. Interesting phenomena serve social change and progress
just as society traumatize their consequences.
Through the need to change behavior, choices or the need to f‌i nd bem er solutions, we
are still far in depth observation of reality. They are accepted as innovation inadvisable
“natural development”. We face the consequences and “penalties” to black chronicle.
However, the changes have led to the slow transformation of life, thinking, am itude
towards work, but everything up here is not what we expect. The typical structure of
the Albanian family and the educative system are still an exception and not the rule.
This requires a strong initiatives inside the educational system, as psychopedagogy
subject in schools.
The most important issue has to do with social phenomena, which are experiencing
strong inf‌l uences on adolescents in school. Categorizing within the age limit,
compared with the model of the Albanian family with new content, the need for forms
advanced on new standards, enabling the treatment and the formation of certain
students with special needs, children “at risk” , children with a parent, adolescents
exposed to egocentrism, to drugs, teenage pregnancy, suicide, abuse, physical and
sexual violence, to the risk of AIDS.
Pedagogical ability in the motivational point of view and increased adolescent
competence to self-evaluation step their way, as an incentive for obtaining the

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