A full right to vote for everyone

AuthorEuropean Economic and Social Committee
The purpose of the EESC report summarised here is not to criticise any
EU countries. Rather, it is to encourage national authorities to come together
to look at ways to guarantee the full political rights of some of their most
vulnerable citizens, says EESC rapporteur Krzysztof Pater.
The report also does not oer a full set of solutions for EU countries to adopt.
Instead, it sets out the full scope of the problem and presents many possible
solutions that can be chosen or developed and implemented by EU countries
in accordance with their national election traditions.
Persons with disabilities should not only have the full right to vote but should
also be able to vote in the most convenient way possible. The European
Parliament should lead the way in developing legislation that makes this right
a reality.
The full EESC report Real rights of persons with disabilities to vote in European
Parliament elections can be found here in all 24 EU ocial languages:

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