PositionEuropean Parliament on European Union values - Brief article

The European Commission needs to act "immediately," on the basis of the existing treaties, against violations of EU values, demands the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties (LIBE). In a non-binding resolution drafted by Belgian Liberal Louis Michel, adopted outside the plenary session in Strasbourg, committee members (31 for, 18 against and five abstentions) call for monitoring of the 28 states' respect for the Copenhagen criteria, which require new EU members to respect fundamental rights, the rule of law and the rights of minorities in particular.

This mechanism could take the form of indicators, binding recommendations and penalties, such as a freeze of EU funds. It should ensure respect for the rights of migrants, freedom of religion and non-religion, the right to die in dignity and the rights of minorities and the disabled. The report calls for the annulment of laws like the one in Italy that could be used to punish citizens...

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