Gender perception on leadership style: Case of Albania

AuthorIrma Gjana
PositionEpoka University, Tirana, Albania
Vol. 4 No. 2
June, 2020
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2519-1284
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Gender perception on leadership style: Case of Albania
Irma Gjana
Leadership leadership style and gender  leadership relation topics have aracted the
aention of scholars throughout human history This research paper investigates the
perceptiondierences ofleadership stylebetween gendersThe testingof ourhypothesisis
donethrough thegathering ofdata usingleadershipstyle questionnaireNorthouse 
Thesurveywasdistributedto stamembersoftwobiggest privatehospitalsinAlbania
Parametric and nonparametric tests were conducted Despite the dierence between the
institutionswheretheresearchisconductedtheresults indicatethatthereexistsadierence
in perception of leadership style between genders. The results of this research contribute to
the understanding of leadership style perception through genders, helping practitioners to
Keywords: LeadershipstylegenderprivatehospitalsAlbania
impacting factors, such as technological and sciencedevelopment, globalization, free
movement of people, climate change, etc., are some important shaping mile stones
of our life. The time factor is fundamental in the understanding of the evolution of
termsandtheories ofleader and leadershipDa  Yulk Hickman 
stableis thethirstto beerunderstand theinternaland externalforces thatimpact
these terms. Taking into consideration that leadership is very important for the
the understanding in detail of leadership together with all the aecting factors is
crucial. There is a lot of research work on leadership and leadership style, but fewer
Theobjectiveof thispaperisto empiricallyexaminetheleadership styleinthetwo
biggestprivatehospitalsinAlbaniaAerconcludingwiththe perceivedleadership
style measured by leadership style questionnaire Northouse  we seek to
identifyifthereisa dierencebetweengendersintheperceivedstyleofleadership
Ourresults arebased ondatacollected fromthe medicaland nonmedicalsta of
the American Hospital and International Hospital Hygeia, in Albania. Health and
andpolitical eldThe increasingof thelife spanand thedecreasing ofbirth rates
arepushingthe governmentstoallocatesignicant portionofcountrysGDPtothe
healthcare sectorA circular relationship exists between a strong economy and a
strong healthcare system. Investing on the healthcare is a direct investment on the

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