In the morning, the Council will deal with:* Progress of work in other Council formations: as part of its bid to keep a firm and coherent grasp on EU affairs under discussion in other Council configurations, the General Affairs Council will take stock of progress in the Transport and Telecommunications Council on the Galileo satellite navigation project, the Single European Sky, and the second rail package, as well as issues to emerge from recent Farm Councils.* Staff regulations for EU officials: the Council will hear Commission report on reform of personnel policy for the EU institutions, in particular the main elements of the forthcoming proposals to revise the staff regulations for EU civil servants, and may adopt Conclusions welcoming the completion of the preparatory work by the Commission, and support the efforts to strengthen the principles of efficiency, transparency and accountability in the European civil service.* EU enlargement: the Council will hear a Commission report on the state of play; and will comment in particular on the negotiation chapters on institutions, financial and budgetary questions and regional policy.* EU action following the September 2001 terrorist attacks in the US: the Council will take stock of the monthly update of the roadmap implementing the EU's action plan as well as a brief Presidency report outlining the ongoing work in relation to the priorities presented in January.* Illegal immigration: the Council will discuss Italian ideas on better co-ordination of migration policy, and may adopt conclusions stressing the need for such co-ordination, asking for rapid implementation of the measures foreseen in the recent EU comprehensive plan to combat illegal immigration and trafficking in human beings.* The wider Europe: the Council will briefly deal with the issue of relations of the enlarged EU with its Eastern neighbours, in particular Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, at the request of the UK delegation.* India/Pakistan: at the request of the UK delegation, the Council is expected to discuss concerns about a possible escalation of violence in Kashmir.* Switzerland: the Council will hear a Commission report on the recommendations for negotiating mandates covering Swiss participation in the Schengen/Dublin acquis, in the Community Media plus audiovisual programme and on liberalisation of services. Short conclusions are expected, underlining the Council's readiness to examine and rapidly adopt the mandates...

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