General market information

AuthorSchmid, Christoph U.; Pinkel, Tobias
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Th e Net herlan ds
Ta ble 4: Co mm un ica tio ns a nd str at egy pap ers
Medede ling Euro pese
consum en tenagen da
posit ive. The
govern ment r efrains
fr om tak ing a clear
pos iti on i n su bsta nce
because th e m easures
discusse d in the a genda
are deem ed t o be n ot
suf ficient ly concr ete 17.
Con sum er Pr ogr am me
2. Gener al m arket inf orm ation
2.1 Key market dat a
Ta ble 5: K ey m arke t da ta
tr en ds in the m arke t, re cent
The p rices for exi stin g flat s ar e r elat ivel y st able since 20 05. Bet ween 1995 and 20 05 th e price in dex h as,
howeve r, increase d en orm ousl y. The n umb ers of r esid ential prope rti es sol d h as in creased ov er the last ye ars.
Whi le in 20 11, only 120, 739 ex isti ng f lats had been sold for 28,98 4 m illion euro s, five y ears later (in 2016 )
17 Th is st atem ent is b ased on t he g over nme nt d ocum ent (Fich e: Meded eling her vor min gsaanb evel ingen ger eglem ent eerd e ber oepe n, Tw eede Kam er, ver gader jaa r 20 162 017, 22 112 , nr .
231 3) .

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