AuthorNaldini, Andrea; Pompili, Marco; Peruccacci, Eleonora
Glo ssa ry
CIE Coun ter factual im pact evaluation
CF Cohesion fun d
CP Cohesion Policy
DI D Difference in differences
DG COMP European Commission, Directorate General Compet ition
DG EMPL European Comm ission, Direct orate General for Employ men t, Socia l
Aff airs and Inclusion
DG REGIO European Comm ission, Direct orate Gener al for Regional and Urban
EC European Commission
EP Evaluation plan
ERDF European Regio nal Develop ment Fund
ESF European Social Fund
ESIF European Str uctural and Invest ment Funds
EU European Union
GBER General Block Exemption Regulation
JRC Joint Resear ch Centre
MA Managin g au thorit y
MS Mem ber State
OP Operational program me
PSM Propensity score mat ching
RDD Regr ession discont inuity d esign
TBI E Theory-based impact ev aluat ion

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