How can I prove that I hold 'Settled Status' or 'Pre-Settled Status'?

The support provided by these organisations varies,
and includes individual practical support and advice
to assist citizens with their applications. A list of these
funded organisations and contact details of how you
can get in touch to discuss your situation is provided
on the webpage at the following link:
To help you f‌ind the organisation closest to you there
is a postcode search facility at the following link:
If you are not able to receive support from a funded
organisation but you still feel that you need legal
advice to help you make your application, please be
aware that only regulated immigration advisers are
allowed to charge money to provide legal advice in
the UK.
7 How can I prove that I hold ‘Settled Status’
or ‘Pre-Settled Status’?
If your application is approved you will be granted
‘Settled Status’ or ‘Pre-Settled Status’ depending how
long you have lived in the UK. You will receive a
conf‌irmation email and an attached PDF letter telling
you which status you have been granted (this itself is
not evidence of your status). Non-EU citizens granted
such a status are issued with a physical biometric
residence card as proof of this status, unless they
already have an existing biometric residence card,
biometric permanent residence card or biometric
residence permit. You can apply to the Home Of‌f‌ice
for a new biometric residence card if the one you
have expires or is lost or stolen (there is a fee to
replace the document).

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