How to apply for 'Settled Status' or 'Pre-Settled Status'

5 How to apply for ‘Settled Status’
or ‘Pre-Settled Status’
Applying to the Scheme is free, but there can be a
cost to enrol biometric information if you are required
to do so as part of the application (see subsection (i)
‘Identity’ below). The qualifying category under which
you are applying will tell you the way you should
apply. If you apply as a family member or a family
member with a retained right of residence you
generally have to complete an online application
form using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. If
you apply as someone with a derivative right of
residence or are being sponsored by a dual British/
EU citizen you must use a paper application form,
which you have to request from the Home Of‌f‌ice11.
The Home Of‌f‌ice application checks four things: (i)
your identity, (ii) your qualifying relationship to an
EU citizen, (iii) your residence in the UK and (iv) any
criminal record you may have.
(i) Identity
You have to conf‌irm your identity and nationality
using your passport, your ‘EEA Regulations’ biometric
residence card or permanent residence document/
card, or your biometric residence permit issued
under a UK immigration category (such as a Tier 2
work permit or Tier 4 student visa). Which identity
document you use determines how you are able to
apply if you are using the online application process,
as described below.
11 At the time this leaf‌let was drafted it was not clear whether the family
members of dual British/Irish citizens born in Northern Ireland will apply
online or with a paper form.

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