Human resource management in health tourism-Thermal Spa Center of Peja

AuthorArdian Ramadani
PositionEuropean University of Tirana
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
Vol. 1 No. 1
January 2017
ISSN 2519-1284
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Human resource management in health tourism-Thermal Spa Center of Peja
Ardian Ramadani
European University of Tirana
The e ects of tourism have a global character and righteously the enthusiasts of this sector are
studying tourism as an industry itself. Its role is highlighted in the sustainability of economic
development of a country. In the global economy, its role is increasingly being seen as a sector
with multi-dimensional e ects such as; economic, social, health, cultural and environmental.
Tourism nowadays is turning into a carrier sector of social and economic development of a
country, as seen by its components of the tourism sector itself (sub-sectors of tourism) tourism
as a sector is very complex and multi-dimensional with multi-dimensional impacts on social
and economic life of the today’s modern society.
Kosovo in terms of tourism is divided into ve tourist regions which constitute a diversi ed
touristic o er competitive to local and foreign tourist markets. Almost all of these regions have
the opportunity to develop health tourism, with thermal water resources and also natural
heritage. The Peja spa with its natural speci cs is undoubtedly a center of health tourism
which overpasses the national boundaries and beyond, and at the same time is the object of
study of this scienti c work in terms of human resource management in health tourism.
Keywords: Health tourism, human resoures, Management, thermal center as management
model, satisfaction of the tourist.
Kosovo is recognized by tourism resources underlying the development of certain
types however it has inherited from the past a low level of economic development,
which has been associated with: the last war, slow process of privatization, lack of
investment, etc. in this context, the tourism sector has been an integral part of these
processes not desired. The tourism sector is heterogeneous sector which inside its own
sector requires coordinated activities of public and private sector in its development
planning sector. Development of tourism in Kosovo so far has been developed without
a proper plan and tourism resources are still pre y far from a genuine tourism
development. In this context, health tourism has not put existing tourism resources in
the service of a complete tourist o er, as well as the development and management of
human resources in health tourism there is still room for improvement and changes.
The purpose of the paper work
The purpose of this paper work is to study the development and management
of human resources in the health tourism in Kosovo with particular emphasis on
human resources management in Peja Spa through which it aims to provide a modest
contribution to the resolution of the best models of management of human resources

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