Illegal software and protection of copyright in republic of kosovo

AuthorNaim Baftiu - Veli Lecaj - Mergim Hoti
PositionUniversity 'Ukshin Hoti' Prizren
ISSN 2410-759X
Acces online at
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania Vol. 1 No. 3
January 2016
Illegal software and protection of copyright in republic of kosovo
Prof.Ass.Dr. Naim BAFTIU
University “ Ukshin Hoti “ Prizren
Prof.Dr. Veli LECAJ
University “ Ukshin Hoti “ Prizren
Mrs.c. Mergim HOTI
University “ Ukshin Hoti “ Prizren
Programs that are online are all free for download, some of them must have a license for
their use. Life in the information society brings advantages, but there are also risks. In
the virtual world not only move network of friends friends, but the pirates, spies and
other websites.
Removal of the applicable -software, music, movies and photos from the Internet is
widespread and now counts as a mass phenomenon. Counterfeiting and piracy are
activities which are prohibited by positive law in Kosovo. However, so far not taken
concrete actions in combating these two phenomena that affect the market economy and
economic development.
Given that copyright and related rights are guaranteed by law and that violation of
these rights is a criminal offense. The Kosovo government should develop a strategy
which will ensure piracy fighting and fighting and prevention of counterfeiting of products
in the market, protected by copyright and related rights.
In Kosovo are informed of all persons, physical or legal, who make the production,
distribution, sale, or placing on the Internet, of products containing material that is
protected by copyright that are required to obtain contracts or authorizations the
corresponding rights holders and should ensure that products put into circulation not
be pirated products or violate the copyright and related rights.
In this paper we present all counterfeiting and piracy of the software used in Kosovo
who are not licensed.
Keywords: Software, counterfeiting, piracy, government, laws.
In general, these Internet users are not aware that have entered the districts of
crime in what they do. For this is forms CopyPolice which deals with the important
work of real disciplined and educate all those which are not introduce in criminal
networks , but unwillingly ken fell prey to Internet piracy services.
On the other hand, to pursue serious groups well organized, CopyPolice no limit
activity to follow the pirates, and the purpose of this specific Police is assigned to
creating awareness about this problem. Today we are witnessing a music video or
movie, yet was promoted illegally distributed on the Internet before Kinostartit
and earn money damaging producers and authors. Against these Pirates will also

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