Impact of Information Technology and Internet in Businesses

AuthorAfërdita Berisha-Shaqiri
PositionUniversity of Pristina
ISSN 2410-3918 Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences Vol 1 No 1
Acces online at IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania March 2015
Impact of Information Technology and Internet in Businesses
Afërdita Berisha-Shaqiri
University of Pristina
In the past few decades there has been a revolution in computing and communications, and all
indications are that technological progress and use of information technology will continue. e
revolution in information and communication technology has changed not only our lives but also
the way how people do business. Using information technology, companies possess the potential
to reach more customers, introduce new products and services quickly, and collaborate with
suppliers and business partners from all over the world. Transformation from industrial society to
information society and industrial economy to knowledge economy is a result of the impact of ICT
and Internet use. Main objective of this paper is to describe information technology; opportunities
of Internet usage for businesses to achieve strategic advantages compared to their competition and
how they can facilitate the movement of goods and services from producers to customers.
Keywords: Internet, information technology, business, goods, service, customer.
Information Technology (IT) has grown and evolved over the last 50 years; you cannot
think and plan a project, business or other initiative without the usage of this technology.
When we say Information Technology that means not only personal computers or smart
phones, but also modern machinery in factories, automotive industry, aviation industry,
various household appliances etc., In one way or another this has not only facilitated our
daily lives but it has also reduced cost and time in general.
Research shows that a quarter of workers in the United States of America work from
home for a considerable time of the year, while, another quarter work “mobile” - on the
move. is reects the great opportunities that Information Technology and the Internet
provide as an important tool for implementation in organizations and public institutions.
Economists highly appreciate the importance of Information Technology in business
growth, lowering costs and promoting the best products.
During recent years, globalization and computerization have redened the industry,
politics, culture, and social order. Globalization refers to ultimately integrate economic
and cultural institutions. is integration occurs as a result of the use of information
technology. e technological revolution presupposes global computerized networks and
the free movement of goods, information, and peoples across national boundaries. Hence,
the Internet and global computer networks make possible globalization by producing a
technological infrastructure for the global economy. Computerized networks, satellite-
communication systems, soware and hardware link together and facilitate the global
economy (Douglas, 2002, 285-305).

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