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AuthorIrma Baraku
8.1 Dissemination of information, dialogue with NGOs and between social
a) Dissemination of information about legal protection against discrimination ( Article
10 Directive 2000/43 and Article 12 Directive 2000/78)
Since its establishment, the CPD has made efforts to fulfil its responsibility to make
society aware of the protection offered by the LPD. This has been reali sed through many
activities such as: the organisation of community open days, the publication an d
dissemination of awareness and training mat erials, and the organisation of open lectures,
seminars a nd conferences. The preparation of some advertising spots brought to public
attention, not only the appeal to addres s cases to the commissioner, but also the positive
cases dealt with in relation to the discrimination of vulnerable groups, such as Roma,
people with disabilities, women and LGBTI persons.
The CPD has an official website,, which provides simple informati on about:
the LPD (grounds, the forms of discrimin ation, fields, procedures before the CPD and the
court); decisions of the commissioner; the activities of the institutions; the publications,
the law in minority languages; the green number;182 how to make a complaint onli ne;
the complaint form, etc. The CPD also has a social media presence, including on
b) Measures to encourage dialogue with NGOs with a view to promoting the principle
of equal treatment (Article 12 Directive 2000/43 and Article 14 Directive 2000/78 )
Most of the activities are organi sed through p rojects, with the support and in
collaboration with international organisations and NGOs. The CPD h as signed a
memorandum of agreement with over 80 NGO s, the People’s Advocate, public institutions
and local authorities.
In Albania, t he Agency for the Support of Civil Society is the central, public budgetary
institution with the mission of pr omoting civil society, through financial assistance and
sustainable development.183 There i s also the National Council for Civil Society, which
aims to guarantee institutional cooperation between civil society organisations in
Albania.184 The process of dialogue and consultation in this Council is based on three
important principles: counselling, transparency and consultation with st akeholders.
c) Measures to promote dialogue between social partn ers to give effect to the principle
of equal treatment within workplace practices, codes of practice and, workforce
monitoring (Article 11 Directive 2000/43 and Article 13 Directive 2000/78 )
For years, the CPD and the People’s Advocate have been promoting and encouraging
dialogue with and between social partners, such as institutions, the Union of Chambers of
Commerce Industry of Albania, media and civil society organisations .
In 2019, the CPD collaborated with the m edia and NGOs to promote the fight against
discrimination, to combat and prevent hate speech, and to protect and respect
fundamental human rights and freedoms. The commissi oner has organised and
participated in several activities, forums and seminars, raising awa reness of the issue of
discrimination against Roma and Egyptian people, children, people with disabilities,
members of the LGBTI community and others.
182 This is an information line.
183 Law No. 10093, dated 09.03.2009,
184 Law No. 119/2015 on the establishment and functioning of the National Council for Civil Society.

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