Implementation issues

AuthorLappalainen, Paul
8.1 Dissemination of information, dialogue with NGOs and between social
a) Dissemination of information about legal protection against discrimination (Article 10
Directive 2000/43 and Article 12 Directive 2000/78)
Beyond the activities of the Equality Ombudsman involving reports, training programmes
and dialogue with NGOs, the social partners and Government authorities, which are
discussed above, further national and local activities are mentioned below. Some of them
are connected with the DO’s activities already mentioned above.
The Government has undertaken various initiatives that are worth noting:
In November 2019, the Government a rranged for a national m eeting on an action
plan focused on specific measures to complement its LGBT strateg y.287
In June 2019, the Gove rnment published an updated overview of the various tasks
being carried out concerning the equal rights and opportunities of LGBT p ersons.288
b) Measures to encourage dialogue with NGOs with a view to promoting the principle of
equal treatment (Article 12 Directive 2000/43 and Article 14 Directive 2000/78)
As has alr eady been ind icated, a fairly weak role is played b y the discrimination ground-
specific NGOs in S weden, with the possibl e exception of certain organisations within the
disability movement and the main LGBT organisation (RFSL) as well as the local anti-
discrimination bureaux.
In September 20 19, t he G overnment arranged for a national meeting with all the local
anti-discrimination bureaux to discuss the Government’s current effort s as well as their on -
going work against di scrimination and their id eas on how to improve the work on additional
measures for preventing and counteracting discrimination on the grounds of s ex,
transgender identity and expre ssion, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation and
NGOs dealing with discrimination are encouraged to be members of and to form local anti-
discrimination bureaux. Some bureaux, like the one in Malmö, seem to have become fairly
important voices in counteracting discrimination in their regions, which gives them an
interesting platform from which to engage in dialogue with others.
In October 2019, the Government arranged a national discussion meeting on the work
against racism and hate crime. Its purpose was to help strengthen the Government’s work
on the national acti on plan against racism. The voices of NGOs wer e needed in this work.290
c) Measu res to promote dialogue between social partners t o give effect to the principle
of equal treatment within workplace practi ces, codes of practi ce, workforce
monitoring (Article 11 Directive 2000/43 and Article 13 Directive 2000/78 )
287 Ministry of Employment, 24.10.2019,
288 Ministry of Employment, 12.07.2019,
289 Ministry of Employment, 25.09.2019,
290 Ministry of Employment, 24.10.2019,

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